What Can People Get Out of Montreal Impact YouTube Videos?

impactytThe Montreal Impact can be easily found on YouTube right now as the team has a number of different videos to take a look at. These videos will provide fans with a closer look at their favorite soccer team and all of their favorite stars from that team. It’s amazing to see how YouTube can bring people closer to the exciting world of Impact soccer.

The things that people can see out of these YouTube videos will be particularly interesting for all to explore. Those who look into YouTube videos can not only get some exciting information on the team from these videos but also get some interesting highlights of prior matches. Even the experiences that come with Impact games can be covered.

Game Highlights Are Featured

People don’t have to purchase YouTube views to get Montreal Impact videos to become more popular but it never hurts to at least see what is around when looking to purchase YouTube views. After all, the Impact could always use some exposure when it comes to team highlights. That’s because they are there to get people to see just how talented and valuable the Impact are when it comes to all the different MLS teams out there.

These highlight videos will include recaps of prior games with information on what happened during those games, how those games went down and so forth. Some videos can include expert analysis of all the different things that went on during their games. This information can be essential to anyone who wants to learn more about what’s going on with the team and how they have done during all sorts of games.

Interviews Are Also Open

Many bits of YouTube news can be found on the site as one of the most interesting facts about YouTube comes from how so many people will use YouTube as a news source of sorts. In fact, YouTube news on the Impact can often be open for all to watch in the form of interviews with different players on the Montreal Impact.

These bits of news will include details on what these players and coaches say about particular matches, their practices and so forth. Conferences with coaches and players can be covered as well. Many of these interviews will get people to be a little closer to their favorite parts of these teams.

The Fan Experience is Covered

Not everyone can make it to Saputo Stadium for games. That’s why it is always good to see what YouTube videos can highlight when it comes to the fan experience.

Many of the most popular YouTube videos will showcase fans at games and the many things that they will do. From their elaborate costumes to all sorts of gameday traditions, the things that can be seen in YouTube videos dedicated to the Impact can really be fascinating and fun for all to watch and enjoy.

Many of these videos will also include information on road trips. It’s amazing how fans of the Impact will head out to all sorts of venues around Canada and the United States to cheer on their favorite team. These videos can highlight the experiences of what it is like to head out on the road to cheer on the Impact. It’s especially fascinating to see how the experience is like in many soccer-friendly cities like New York and Vancouver.

The things that can be found through these Montreal Impact videos can really be of interest to anyone who wants to learn a little more about their favorite soccer team. It’s no secret that people are willing to head to YouTube to learn about them.

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Welcome to the 2014 Montreal Impact Season

2014 Montreal Impact seasonIt is good to start a season winning, even though a team´s peak performance is not designed necessarily for that moment. A team coming from Pre-Season normally needs some weeks to get a fluid dynamic both defensively and offensively. This has been the case of Montreal Impact. Not even the teams that are at the top of the Table, have had a performance close to a 100% of wins, which supports this idea even for top performers so long. The best team in the league so far, Fc Dallas, struggled to win against Montreal Impact by just one goal. Coach Koplas ideas would penetrate in the team as days pass by.

After three losses in a row you would think the team got smoked big time and the season may be a wash, the Impact increased its performance, starting with the rescue of a game by Di Vaio, that was very close for being a loss, just 10 minutes before the end of the match against Philadelphia. That can be resumed in one word: Overcoming. While being 1-2 against New York at the next game, the same concept was evident in order to tie the game with Felipe´s goal. Afterwards, the Impact had to face Chicago, being up at the score and even having chances that could have lead in a bigger difference, winning the game until minute 59´s tying goal by Chicago.

A 4-0 loss against Kansas City can be understood as a regression, after tying three games and earning the first three points in the season. But it also can be understood as a new moment of reflection and way to clean up any bad thoughts, as another situation where biting dust can lead into getting up again, but this time, instead of doing it with three ties to earn the first three points, by going after at least four points of the next nine in dispute. 2013 season started with good results, but at the end results were not as positive. This year, the team has the possibility to turn that tendency around, increasing its level from now in order to gradually increase performance to have a very good close of season.

Early in the games and the end of them, performance has been acceptable, with two goals scored and two goals conceded in the first fifteen minutes; with one goal scored and one goal conceded in the last fifteen minutes. Though, there is work to do regarding concentration for the rest of the game, as from minute fifteen until minute seventy five, the Impact has just three goals scored against eleven conceded. The positive side of this is avoiding giving advantage to the opponent at the beginning and at the end of the game, this means that at the supposed to be “peak moments”, attention and concentration has been working. The task now is to maintain that tendency and to expand it for the rest of the game.

The attendance at Saputo Stadium has been high, top goal scorer Di Vaio is back on the pitch, regaining rhythm again which would be very helpful for the offensive line. Fans having hope not only on the players on pitch, but on the staff that the Impact has organized around the pitch, with incorporations like World Cup Champion Alessandro Nesta as an analyst, details that at the end can contribute enormously in the team´s level to go in an upward direction.

There is an additional reason to believe the season can start to get better next Saturday against Philadelphia, as Montreal Impact has won all Home games against them. This are probabilities, which would not play the game but as we all know, mark a tendency that can be capitalized positively on this next game.

Captain Patrice is getting in rhythm again, his leadership has been there during the whole season in the dress room, but he is an asset that has morally and psychologically helped the team and, as games pass by, his level of influence in the game itself would continue increasing. A new coach and having your captain out for some weeks, definitely shake structures even before the initial whistle, those are the heads of any team and when you have this figures all set up, there is a base from where you can rely to build up your team in the pitch.

It is important to understand that the certifications and training is there and chances offensively have been created, called it lack of precision, bad luck, or anxiety, the ball has been close enough to the other area to make damage and it hasn’t in a way that could have helped to close games. When a team creates chances, it means that the machine is working good enough to get to the other area and knock the door to score. If this was not the case, the problem would be bigger. Reality for the Impact is that persistence on arriving to the rival´s area would come with goals as a consequence.

There is a mental obstacle to overcome, it is related to leaving on the past the bad results that have been a constant during this beginning of season. It is related to be prepared in case the team starts loosing or is winning and receives a goal, prepared in the sense of understanding this is a whole new game and that past results have nothing to do with the game in play. This is a situation that has been already perceived so most likely, the players would know how to stand up in a positive way when the other team scores.

As President Saputo tweeted, Montreal Impact has to stay focus, continue with offensive elaborations to keep knocking the door of the rivals goal, to keep heads up when the ball didn´t became a score, to keep heads up when the rival scores. When a team produces offensive options, goals will come, at the end, we all know soccer is played with feet but most important, it is played with the mind. The story of the Impact in this season is very far away to be written.

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Rest, Recharge and Start Off-Season Workout Plans

off season workout

There comes a time for every team in the MLS when you hit the off-season and it’s time to relax, regenerate and start your off-season workout plans. Unfortunately for the Montreal Impact this has come early. No thanks to the Houston Dynamo.

Most players will go through a time when they go off their diet, sleep a lot and tend to become overweight and out of shape. This is a good thing as many trainers and sports gurus will tell you. It’s the rebuilding phase.

According to the great modern boxer Micky Ward, he once said that he would train and eat all the right foods before a fight and then go out after the fight and eat hamburgers and pizza for weeks. He never had an issue being overweight for a fight and many top athletes feel the same way. There’s got to be something to that and it’s called off-season dieting.

Many times athletes will visit family and friends in the off-season and try to get away from it all or whatever sport like soccer and relax. I used to play college basketball and after the season was over I go right back to eating pizza and drinking beer on the weekends and neglect my training schedule especially running outdoors in the winter.

Same goes for many top professional athletes you’ll see them at movie premieres vacationing and making tabloid photos but what they’re not doing is participating in their sport. This is a great thing specially for the blind two relax and regenerate.

What it is time to get back into the gym and start eating right many athletes will grab their iphone armband and then start running.

Nowadays with training and workouts getting so advanced that athletes will hire a personal trainer. Athletes conduct themselves in the off-season sometimes harder than they do during the on-season. Many times shall see a soccer player get into plyometrics and strength training instead of endurance and running. The thought of this is they buildup strength in their muscles not so much endurance in their lungs.

No matter what exactly does the off-season it’s important to realize that everyone needs a rest and the getaway from their sport no matter how much they love it. It makes for better athlete and also gives peace of mind.

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Montreal Impact 2, CD Heredia 0


When it comes to winning Group 5, our MLS team is still alive.

With a 2-0 win over CD Heredia on Tuesday at Stade Saputo, the Montreal Impact fell short needing six goals to have a chance in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Forwards Andrew Wenger and Daniele Paponi had one goal each for the club that has now given a great chance to the San Jose Earthquakes to clinch the top spot in their group with a win at home against Heredia on October 23rd.
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Montreal Impact Fined by MLS for Swarming Referee

Montreal Impact penalty kick

It seems that whatever the Montreal Impact do, they just can’t help getting themselves in trouble when they play.

Unfortunately for the Impact, this means that Major League Soccer is coming down hard on them once again.

On Wednesday, the league told the media that it has had to fine the Impact, as well as their coach, Marco Schallibaum, for an incident in a game that occurred when the team played against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

At the match, in which the team lost 3-0, the players swarmed Jorge Gonzales, the game’s referee.
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Marco Schallibaum Pissed About Penalty Kick

Marco Schällibaum angry about penalty kick

It’s been a rough start for Major League Soccer‘s Marco Schällibaum and The Montreal Impact after his team’s questionable loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps at Saputo stadium. Indeed the loss impacted Schällibaum as it is merely one of many upsets this season, his first season with the team at that.

It was obvious that the team had some issues in the first half of play but what really sent Schällibaum over the edge was referee Jorge Gonzalez overturning a penalty kick. It was a crucial call against Schällibaum and The Impact in the 38th minute as it arguably may have been the nail in the coffin. The call overturned, a handball by Vancouver defender Jun Marques Davidson, shocked Marco as it sent The Impact home with their second consecutive loss at home. This isn’t the scary maze game where you can just inject a call like that and not have it effect the outcome of the game. Read more ›

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Damn Penalty Kick – Montreal 0, Vancouver 3

penalty kick montreal impact

In the Montreal stadium the Vancouver Whitecaps was able to secure a 3-0 win over the Montreal Impact.

Kenny Miller from the Whitecaps put them ahead early in the game when he scored on an early penalty kick. Camilio Sanvezzo was able to secure the win late in the game with his two scoring goals. This was the first win for the Whitecaps in six games. This was also their first win out of seven away from home games. This win has helped them secure a place in the Western Conference.

The win over the Impact has put them in sixth place in their conference. They are still 41 point behind the LA Galaxy which is the fifth place team. Read more ›

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Montreal Impact Fans at the Airport

Montreal Impact fans at the airport

Montreal Impact fans keep getting in to the Trudeau Airport to great team and players. Good for them!

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Rest Time and Recovery From Injuries. And Nose Spray Addiction?

soccer goaly bloody nose

Hello, I’m Matthew and I have played professional soccer for five years and have been goalie for two. My nose spray addiction to Afrin gave me a big nosebleed and a migraine headache in the middle of a game and I passed out and had to miss the rest of the game.

My nose spray addiction started last year when I was having what I swear was the biggest congestion problem on earth. Last year, they apparently started experimenting different chemicals being sprayed onto the field grass and it made my nose swell to the point where I just couldn’t breathe worth a toot. My team, our coaches, Hedley and Rolfe were aware of this and made an exception for me to carry my Afrin hidden in my sock out in the field. Read more ›

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Montreal Acquires a Team in Major League Soccer (MLS)

montreal acquire mls team

MLS Commissioner Don Garber and Montreal Impact President Joey Saputo announced Friday Montreal’s acquisition of a 19th Major League Soccer team, which is the first division of soccer in the United States and Canada. The team will begin play in the 2012 season, at Saputo Stadium, which will be expanded to more than 20,000 seats.

“We are proud to welcome Montreal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world and a multicultural metropolis whose residents are deeply passionate about the world’s game, to Major League Soccer,” Commissioner Garber said. “Joey Saputo and his family are a committed ownership group that truly loves the game and will provide extensive knowledge to MLS based on their years of involvement in the sport.”
Joey Saputo spearheads a group of investors composed of family members who have also contributed not given the silent treatment like some have suggested to the construction of Saputo Stadium, which has natural grass.

For the past 30 years, the Saputo family has invested in Canadian soccer, first the Montreal Manic in the NASL and in the 1990s as the owner of the second division Montreal Impact. On February 25, 2009, 55,571 fans saw the Impact defeat Mexican club Santos Laguna 2-0 in a quarterfinal match at Olympic Stadium. Read more ›

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